Tips and tricks for the vision boarding rookie.


As promised my vision boarding counterparts! Here is my bag of tricks for you all (For those of you who missed my previous post about vision boards and the idea behind them, please scroll down and see ‘Vision boarding like a pro’ for more info). I have included a picture of my vision board as it currently stands, so you have an idea of what I’m talking about. Feel free to take or leave whatever you think will apply to you. Sharing is caring.

Tips and Tricks

1. Take your time. Don’t rush. Your vision board will probably take you about a week to complete, depending on the detail you want to go into. Mine took a little longer, but I went all out.
2. Be selective with your pictures. It can be tempting to fill your vision board with anything and everything once you start cutting and pasting and printing and pinning. But a smaller number of definitive goals will be far more useful to you than a million images of stuff you just like.
3. Choose a theme if it helps you. I personally don’t have a specific theme, I find my vision board is more of a general reflection of what I want and what makes me happy. But some of you might find it helps clear your mind to be more specific. After all, this is your vision board, you make the rules.
4. Do some googling before you start and get some ideas. Having a look at what other people have done might help get you started when your sitting there with an empty board and a pair of scissors.
5. Make it pretty. Cut pictures from magazines, print out stuff from the internet, abuse google images if you need to, write things on post it notes. Use colour and patterns and make your vision board appealing to you. You want to want to look at it. Make it as full or as bare as you please. Give it a nice boarder if you want. My bedroom is running with a black and silver thing at the moment, so I shopped around until I found a cork board with a silver frame. I also painted the brown cork black. Well worth the extra effort.
6. Have a think about placement. You need it somewhere easy to see. The more you look at it, the better.
7. Have FUN and enjoy the process, it is just as therapeutic and the end result, I’m telling you!

Useful Websites

Love from Blake.

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  • Visual board does Magic! My husband is a huge fan of visual board. I never took him seriously when he suggested to me to make my own visual board! Well he proved me wrong.

    From the ten things he wished for last year, we can say nine have been successfully achieved. His tenth wish is already in the works!!!

    I will indeed get to work on my visual board for the first time in the near future.

    Thanks Blake for posting all the fabulous tips! Xox


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